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Introduction of e-signatures in Cyprus by the end of 2017

E-Signature in Cyprus

Introduction of e-signatures in Cyprus by the end of 2017

According to the Cyprus News Agency, by the end of 2017, citizens in Cyprus will be able to use electronic signatures in their dealings with either the public sector as well as with the private one.

The e-signatures are expected to replace the handwritten signatures and to facilitate electronic transactions that at the moment require both the handwritten signature of the concerned persons as well as their physical presence.

How do e-signature systems work?

A person submitting for instance an application to a public department will sign electronically the application by using a token, which could be one of the following:

  • a separate card;
  • a sim card;
  • a usb;
  • a cloud application.

The procedure is expected to be similar to bank transactions with the use of a digipass.

Citizens will be able to use e-signatures among others for the submission of the following applications:

  • Guaranteed Minimum Income;
  • Child Allowance;
  • Criminal Record Certificate.

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